Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Replica Watches

This short film presents a new generation of oyster perpetual submariner diving replica watch launched by Rolex replica in 2020. The biggest improvement is that the oyster case is increased from 40mm to 41mm, and contains a new movement of caliber 3230, with a significant increase in dynamic storage to 70 hours.

The size change of the new submariner replica case is quite subtle – although the diameter is expanded by 1mm, due to the enlargement of the bezel and the tightening of the ear line, the bridge protection radian on both sides of the crown is larger, making the whole replica watch look more compact. The numbers and scales on the black ceramic bezel are plated with platinum, which is eye-catching and wear-resistant.

The dial continues to maintain the classic three pin layout, the black-and-white contrast is clear and easy to read, and the pointer length is slightly increased to adapt to the change of dial size. The most special detail of the new dial is 6 points – the crown logo of Rolex replica watch is added between the words “Swiss REPLICA made”, which is consistent with the styles of yacht master and GMT master.

Equipped with caliber 3230 automatic chain feeding movement newly launched this year, and equipped with patented chromergy escapement system and blue parachrom hairspring, the structure of spring box and gear train has also been optimized, with better efficiency. The power reserve has reached 70 hours – an increase of nearly 50% compared with the 48 hours of the previous generation. Travel time accuracy reaches + 2 / – 2 seconds per day.

The width of oyster type fine steel replica watch chain is also increased by 1mm. Glidelock extension system allows you to extend the replica watch chain by 20mm at most.